Jmmy L. - English Teacher

Jmmy L.

Baguio City, Benquet 2600
Telephone: 63 9335057460 in Philippines


American English teacher all ages 8 yrs to adult and university students at public and private schools in Korea(7 years and Shanghai,China (2 yrs) Approximately 2 years in USA.Teacher's license in Elementary Education and Special Education from the USA.I prefer to teach convesational English to college level students who have a basic knowledge and command of the English language.I am located in Baguio city,Philipines and will only teach here.No desire to re-locate.I am an outstanding teacher and have reference letters and all other teaching credentials upon your request.My yahoo messenger and email is [email protected] and skype is jimmylewis69 so please add me and we can chat there.Thanks for your time.