David Robert Whittall - English Teacher

David Robert Whittall

B11, L15, Tierra Grande 2, Lawa-an 1,
Talisay City, CEBU 6045
Telephone: +8618873358131


I have over 25 years of experience in Telecommunications, that involved some Product Training to Technician's, with English as their 2nd Language. My ESL experience, as UK native English speaker, started with a Winter Camp for Korean Teenagers and a few Russians, from December 2011.

I enjoyed that ESL Teaching experience and went for ESL Job in China. My first academic year in China was the native Oral English Teacher to 24 Classes of Junior 2 (Grade 8), totaling some 1,250 students.
The School introduced LCD Projectors so I made the most of that with multimedia Presentations. I produced PowerPoin versions of the Oral English sections of their Text Books with Pictures to illustrate the key points. The Chinese English Teachers were asking for copies as the students enjoyed and remembered it much better than using just the written word in the text book.

I am now teaching at 'Hunan Railway Professional Technology College' in Shifeng District of Zhuzhou and will have completed an academic year here by July.

I am currently studying to obtain a TEFL Diploma,
with 7 x specialist modules:-
1) Teaching Business English
2) Teaching Children
3) Phonetics
4) Curriculum Development
5) Student Assessment
7) Teaching Abroad