Chantel Hein - English Teacher

Chantel Hein

Saddlebrook Pt.
Calgary, Alberta T3J 0G3
Telephone: 587-999-3094


I have a TESOL Teaching Certificate with a final grade of Grade "A" - Pass with Distinction. I have been teaching ESL privately since 2009. I teach all levels and ages of English learners. I teach students overseas on Skype and visit students in their homes. I work hard to make lessons enjoyable for each student by taking into consideration their preferences for TV, movies, music, books, etc. I include movies, videos, music, and literature in my lessons as tools to further English skills. I like to assign homework and I provide lesson materials but I am happy to include material the student already has. I have taught Russian, French, Indian, Mexican, Ukrainian, Iranian, Pakistani, Romanian, Jamaican, Nigerian, Ethiopian, and Vietnamese students. I enjoy working with people of all accents and nationalities and am respectful of each student's culture. I create lesson plans that target each student's specific needs so that improvement happens as soon as possible. I encourage student input into the lessons so that I am a partner in their learning. I believe it is important to have my students talk as much as possible and I encourage that in the lessons. I include everyday situation practice, such as ordering in a restaurant, going to the Doctor, shopping, etc. so that my students find the lessons practical.