Unreal Conditionals - Scramble Sentences

See Ideas for Using Scrambled Sentences for activity suggestions.

Press Control + P to print these out.

If chickens had
lips, then they'd
be able to
I wouldn't eat
that if I
were you.
I wouldn't marry
you if you
were the last
person on earth!
If I asked
you out on a
date, what would
you say?
I wouldn't have
said that if
I were you.
I would if
I could, but
I can't, so
I won't
If you really
loved me, you
wouldn't have done
If you could
have seen the
look on his
face, you would
have died.
Had I known
that you were
such a flake,*

*an unreliable person (slang)

wouldn't have asked
you to house-sit for me.

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