Teaching ESL

Welcome to the Teacher Side of ESL PartyLand!

The pages at ESL PartyLand are designed to provide you with the resources and connections you need to become a better ESL teacher. You'll find loads of ideas and printable materials to use in class here, discussion forums, and employment opportunities.

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Teaching Conversation
Lessons and plans for teaching English conversation to English students.

Teaching with Film and Video
Teaching English using media such as video and films.

Teaching with the Internet
Learn how to teach English using the Internet as a teaching tool.

Teaching with Music
Resources, lessons, and ideas on teaching English with music.

Teaching Grammar
Lessons, ideas and examples for teaching English Grammar to ESL students.

Teaching Listening and Speaking
Oral English skills are very important. Learn how to teach English listening and speaking.

Teaching Reading, Writing, and Vocabulary
Ideas and lessons for effective teaching of Enlgish writing, reading and vocabulary.

Teaching Integrated Skills

Certifications for Teaching English
If you want to teach English professionally, obtaining a TESOL/TEFL certificate will improve your teaching skills and also help you obtain a more lucrative and higher paying English teaching job, whether you want to teach abroad, locally or online.

These teaching pages are great resources filled with exciting ideas. For example, we have a pages with many ideas such as how to Teach with Film and Video, Teaching with the Internet and even ways to get your students involved by using songs and music in your ESL class.

Looking for more great ideas and materials to use in class? Teaching Integrated Skills offers you content-based classroom activities on a wide range of topics. Teaching Grammar gives you ideas for communicative grammar practice. There are also pages on teaching Conversation, Listening and Speaking, and Reading, Writing, and Vocabulary.