TOEFLesque News Events

Big News Events from the 1990s

Each of the following sentences has one mistake. Select the INCORRECT part of each sentence.

1) The Hubble Space Telescope, which has provided evidences for the existence of black holes, was launched by NASA in 1990.
was launched
2) In early 1991, The Gulf War has captured the attention of the world as the allied forces--led by the United States--fought an aggressive bombing campaign against Iraq.
has captured
3) The official break-up of the Soviet Union began in September 1991 when the three Baltic Republics--Estonia, Lithuania, and Latvia--achieved full independences.
the three
4) In 1992, scenes from the Rodney King riots of Los Angeles, CA were broadcast around the world.
of Los Angeles
5) Apartheid, which ended in early 1990s, was a policy of racial segregation in South Africa.
in early 1990s
6) Nelson Mandela, whom had spent more than 25 years in prison for his political beliefs, was elected the first black president of South Africa in 1994.
was elected
7) The worst terrorist bombing in the history of United States occurred in Oklahoma City on April 19, 1995.
of United States
8) India, a nation of nearly one billion people, celebrated 50 year of independence from British colonial rule in August 1997.
50 year
9) In 1997-98, El Nino devasted the world by contributed to drought in Southeast Asia and massive floods in Latin America.
by contributed
Southeast Asia
Latin America
10) In October of 1998, the US House of Representatives has voted to begin impeachment proceedings against President Bill Clinton.
the US House of Representatives
has voted

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