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Interactive Reading Exercises

CNN Distance Learning Adult Education Menu--This fantastic resource comes from CNN. Though it's really designed for adults who are learning how to read, it's an excellent site for ESL learners. Each reading includes both the full original text and an edited version. There are vocabulary exercises and multiple choice comprehension quizzes. You can also submit your opinion on the reading topic. Highly recommended!

Caroline's ESL Web Site: Reading Lessons--You can read news articles and short stories here. There are quizzes to test your comprehension.

Fran's Reading Assignment -- Read a story about Fran and answer the questions.

Reading: Ned Kelly--Read about Ned Kelly, an Australian folk hero and criminal. Then, complete the reading comprehension exercise.   A very nice lesson from OZ ESL Online.

Reading: Dame Edna Everage--This reading is about Dame Edna Everage, an Australian megastar. There are comprehension questions for you to answer. Another nice lesson from OZ ESL Online.

Reading: Getting Connected--You guessed it! Yet another nice lesson from OZ ESL Online. This reading is about getting connected to the Internet.

The Fluency Through Fables Index--Read some very short fables. Do some vocabulary matching and reading comprehension exercises.

Recommended Reading

Aesop's Fables--Online Collection--More than 655 fables, includes are Real Audio narrations and images, searchable.


Immigration Theme Page--A page created by two high school students from the Academy for the Advancement of Science and Technology in Hackensack, NJ. Great links to photos, articles, and general information on immigration.

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