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Self-Study Quizzes for ESL Students--Reading, writing, general knowledge, holidays, trivia, and direct links to the site's other quiz pages.  Part of the Internet TESL Journal's Activities for ESL Students.  Highly recommended for all levels.

The English Zone -- an excellent learning resource from a California teacher named Kaye. "Learn some idioms, practice English verbs, test your grammar, write a fun story."   There's also a jokes page. 

List of Interactive Quizzes -- a very nice collection of grammar and editing quizzes from Northern Illinois University.

English Tests and Quizzes: Practice for Students of English--From Elek Mathe at englishlearner.com.  This site offers lots of tests and exercise practice for intermediate and advanced learners.  Specifics include grammar, vocabulary, reading, and business English.  There's also a chatroom and a fun game called Trivia Blitz.

Test Junkie--a native speaker index to loads of quizzes, both fun and serious.  If you need a break from some serious studying,  take a love and relationships test or get a virtual palm reading. Recommended for high-intermediate and advanced learners.

EXPLORIT Science Center, Davis, California - Interactive Quizzes--Lots of interactive quizzes for kids and adults.  A fun native speaker site.  Recommended for intermediate through advanced learners.

The QuizSite Main Page--Trivia Quiz Games on Hundreds of Topics--You choose the topic, the level of difficulty, and the number of questions.  Intermediate through advanced language proficiency.

Esl Links--Self study quizzes and links.

Games--hangman and scrambled word games.

PartyLand's Listening Links--If you're looking for interactive listening exercises and quizzes, check out Karin's Interactive Listening Links page!

PartyLand's Reading Links--If you're looking for interactive reading exercises and quizzes, check out Karin's Reading on the WWW Links page!

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