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English Pronunciation--Six well developed pronunciation units from Okanagan University College.  Each unit contains listening discrimination, practice, and dictation exercises.  Requires Shockwave.

Holly's Listening Comprehension--This is a pronunciation and listening comprehension web site.   There are listening dictations and sound discrimination exercises here.   Requires Real Audio.

Randall's ESL Cyber Listening Lab--As you probably already know, this is one of the best ESL listening sites on the web.  There are also a few pronunciation quizzes here.

Listening to English--"Often we can recognize some words in a sentence, but we do not hear all the words properly. This is because in fluent speech words often run together or are spoken very quickly or quietly. This exercise helps you to practise listening to sentences and working out exactly what was said."

American Accent Training--Explanations on the sounds of American English from Ann Cook.  Text only, but fairly comprehensive.

Diphthong Calculator--Well, it's sort of interesting...requires Shockwave.

Pronunciation Web Resources--A comprehensive guide to pronunciation resources on the web.  Includes links to sites with interactive exercises and text only files.

Pronunciation - English as 2nd Language Net Links--The Mining Company's guide to ESL pronunciation resources on the web.

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