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Randall's ESL Cyber Listening Lab--Randall is quickly setting the standard in interactive ESL listening.  At this great web site you can listen to short talks and longer conversations.  You can watch videos.   There is a quiz for every activity.  Highly recommended for all levels.

Cutting Edge CALL Demos--Jim Duber brings you a variety of interactive activities.  You'll find some exercises to help with pronunciation, dictations, grammar practice, and a fun game here.  Requires Shockwave.

TrackStar: A Snapshot of the American Culture--This is track of RealAudio clips which was designed for ESL students at the Applied English Center at the University of Kansas. Anyone can use the track. You'll hear lots of interviews and talks on topics related to American culture.   Although there aren't any comprehension questions, there are a lot of interesting topics here.  This site is recommended for advanced learners.

Good Neighbors: English Listening and Role-play for Busy People -- Role-plays, interactive dictation quizzes, and RealAudio listening comprehension activities. 

Takako's Great Adventure--Listen to and read the story of Takako's Great Adventure.  Print of the worksheets so you can answer the questions as you listen.  The worksheets also include a vocabulary guide.  Requires Shockwave.

New Interchange Multimedia Activities--There are a few interactive activities here from Cambridge University Press.  Recommended for beginning learners.

Academia Boston's Language Laboratory--Listen to and read sentences in English. 

In-House Listening Quizzes--There are 10 sentences here for dictation practice.  You listen to the sentence and type what you hear.  The computer checks your work. 

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