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Interactive Resources

Idioms, Phrasal Verbs, and Slang Quizzes (Self-Study Quizzes for ESL Students)--From the Internet TESL Journal, lots of good quizzes.

ESL Quiz --Phrasal Verbs (Charles Kelly) I-TESL-J--A quiz with 67 questions!

Toon Into Idioms--Look at the cartoons and listen to the sample sentences.  Guess the idiom from a cartoon and send in your answer.


The Weekly Idiom (The Comenius Group)--A new idiom every week, includes a short dialogue which you can listen to and read, as well as an index to all the previous idioms.

ESL Idiom Page at Dave's ESL Cafe--Dennis Oliver's lists, definitions, and examples.

Phrasal Verb Page at Dave's ESL Cafe--A nice collection of phrasal verbs, with examples and explanations.

Common American Slang--280+ Expressions--This guide gives you sample sentences for common American slang.   You can guess the meaning before you check the answer.  From Charles Kelly and Lawrence Kelly, part of Interesting Things for ESL Students.

American Slanguages--A native speaker guide to regional American and international slang.  You choose the city, the computer gives you slang from that area.

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