Grammar and Vocabulary - Conditional Sentences

Guy Talk: Conditional Sentences Fill-in

Joe and Alex are talking on the phone. Alex has a girl problem. It's not a serious girl problem. They're not planning a wedding, and Alex doesn't have plans to buy matching tungsten rings just yet, but who knows what will happen if Alex follows Joe's advice, maybe it could lead to a search to buy tungsten wedding bands.

Each of conditional sentences is missing a verb. Use the italicized words after each sentence and type the correct form. Notice that some of the sentences are real conditionals and others are unreal. When you have finished, click "check."

Joe: Hey, Alex, what's up?
Alex: Nothing... you know, I really like this girl, and I want to ask her out.
Joe: So, what's the problem?
Alex: Well, what if I her and she said no? (ask)
Joe: Why would she say no?
Alex: Well, maybe if I in a band, she'd go out with me. Do you want to start a band? (be)
Joe: No. You don't even play an instrument. That's crazy.
Alex: Yeah. Well, I think her last boyfriend had a really cool car. Maybe if I a nicer car, she'd say yes. (have)
Joe: You're lucky to have a car.
Alex: I don't know. She's really pretty. If I better-looking, she might say yes. (be)
Joe: You look fine. You can't worry about that.
Alex: Well, if I more money, I could take her to a really nice restaurant. Hey, could I borrow some money? (have)
Joe: No way, then she'd expect you to take her to nice restaurants all the time.
Alex: Yeah, you're right.
Joe: Look, maybe if you so nervous about it, she'd say yes. Just be yourself and ask her out. If she you, she'll go out with you. (be, like)
Alex: Yeah, you're right. I'll call her and ask her out.
Joe: Great. I'll see you later. Let me know what happens.
Alex: Okay... Wait Joe. Wait. What if she yes, but she really doesn't like me? Joe? Joe? (say)

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